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We’re celebrating Independent Retailer Month – Meet MMA Mobile Phones

MMA Mobile Phones

It’s Independent Retailer Month, a time to encourage shopping locally and to celebrate independent retailers!

This week, we spoke to one of our traders from Stratford MarketAbdul Gaya started as a market trader in 1999. He ran a market stall four days a week, including trading at Hackney Market on a Sunday. In March 2000 he opened the first phone shop in Stratford offering phone repairs and accessories. After finding success in this, he moved into Stratford Market in 2003 and has since opened up a second shop.

One of the main draws to Abdul’s service is that he offers a two-year warranty on Samsung phones and a one year warranty on all iPhones as well as a year’s warranty on all screen repairs. Abdul has a fantastic range of mobile phones available including the new Samsung S20 and iPhone 12 and 12 Pro as well as plenty of accessories for all customer needs. These have so far been his best selling products this year.

The last year has been a bit different because of Covid-19 restrictions. What has your experience been like?
The past 18 months have been hard due to COVID-19 and the restrictions in place. But I am grateful to be classed as an essential trader and be allowed to open to continue to provide repair services to my customers.
The only way people could communicate with family and friends was by using their phones. I am glad I could help them by fixing their screens and resolving power issues.

Why should people visit the market?
Customers should visit us because we have everything from food, to phones, to hairdressing and a tattoo artist. We have a great range of traders! A lot of the traders I work with have been here over twenty years and we still enjoy serving the public. We want to get back to normal as soon as possible, and with the restrictions being lifted on the 19th of July we have a real chance to recoup some of the customers and footfall we have lost. Our motto is: Onwards and upwards! 

Start your trader journey now!

You can trade at Stratford Market too! If you have an existing / or new independent business that you’re looking to grow, get in touch with us at We look forward to hearing from you! You can find out more information about Independent Retailer month here.