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From one stall to six units in less than 7 years – RKA Direct’s Trader Story

The Forge, Glasgow

The biggest range of artificial flowers and memorial gifts in Scotland

Khalid Mohammed’s stall has been a fixture in Scotland’s biggest indoor market for 7 years. Starting off with a single stall at The Forge in Glasgow, RKA Direct trade in Halloween and Christmas items, gifts, and stock the biggest range of artificial flowers and memorial gifts in Scotland. After a few successful years, Khalid expanded to six units and added lines of more expensive gift items and eye-catching bling.

What makes Khalid stand out?

After 7 years on the market, Khalid knows what attracts people to The Forge. New visitors are simply amazed by the choice and the prices. Often cheaper than the internet and full of colour and vibrancy, traders at The Forge are always expanding and restocking – and it’s all under one roof.

It’s a family affair

The Forge is very much a family affair, with customers often coming in with their children because of the indoor play area, cafés, and huge choice of bargains for all age groups. Khalid is known as Big Kal in and out of the market and has seen many of the children grow over the years. His endless supply of sweets makes RKA Direct a major attraction!

Reflections on 2020

2020 has been tough for every market stall and RKA Direct is no exception. Khalid says the stall has missed out on some major dates and selling events because of lockdown, but they’ve adapted by keeping their significant Facebook following updated. Khalid regularly asks customers how they found RKA and more and more have seen their posts on Facebook.

Christmas 2020 – Bring it on!

When it comes to reopening for Christmas, Khalid simply says “Bring it on!” RKA carries plenty of stock and they’ve been gearing up for the festive period for a while, so they’re more than ready to reopen and make the most of it. Khalid prides himself on his display and plans on making his Christmas stock particularly colourful and eye-catching this year. His big Christmas bestsellers are currently wreaths, floral bunches, trees, lights, and scented candles and wax burners.

What lies ahead for 2021

Khalid and RKA Direct are feeling positive about 2021. They’re planning to refurbish two other units at The Forge to add to their existing six. Their customer base is getting bigger every day and demand for their products keeps on growing despite the pandemic, partly thanks to their presence on Facebook and The Forge’s popularity.

What makes The Forge, Glasgow a great place to Trade

For Khalid, The Forge is the place to be because of its potential for sales and excellent management. If you source the right stock, merchandise it well, and get to know the customers, he believes you’ll make it as a trader here. Just like him!

Interested in trading with us?

Whether it’s the Forge, Glasgow or another one of our markets that you’re interested in you can chat with James at or send us an enquiry on the website.