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Poco Coffee’s trader story

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Poco Coffee's story

The Poco coffee brand was set up by husband and wife team Rich and Angela Sutton in 2012.

Poco, meaning small in Spanish was relating to them being the small coffee shop brand taking on the big boys. Rich says that there is also a family connection to the name:

“my mother used to say I was Poco Loco which meant “A little bit crazy”.

Poco opened in Prescot in 2013 and the big attraction was the building frontage which was felt with its Tudor aspect to be the best location on Eccleston Street for a coffee shop.

Since opening they have prided themselves at being the heart of the community and always tried to employ staff that were passionate about customer service; they are proud to say that they still have staff who have been with them since they started in 2013 and credit their team as having played a huge part in the success of Poco.

The redevelopment of Prescot persuaded them to apply for an alcohol license and expand the brand into what is now Poco Bar and Cafe. Serving the same great coffee, cakes, breakfast and sandwiches during daytime hours and then gently switching the usage to a bar in the evenings on a Friday and Saturday. As success grew, they continued to expand and refurbished the 1st floor of the premises to help facilitate the usage as a bar and give them the ability to host larger events going forward. The next plans are to continue hosting regular live music and comedy events.

Rich says:

“One of the great things about Prescot is the business community being very active, with lots of business owners meeting regularly, and the group are always very supportive of each other. He says this can be a rarity, particularly where businesses are in direct competition. Everybody seems to have a genuine interest in helping to promote the Town and all the businesses in it. This attitude I believe will help massively as Prescot pushes to become a destination Town in the near future.”