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Grannyhodge’s Sewing finds success in Kirkby Lonsdale

Grannyhodge's Sewing

Alison Hodgkinson has stood local markets and Christmas Markets for five years, but only on an ad hoc basis. As Alison makes all her own products, spending hours at home each week sewing takes a lot of her time and she wasn’t sure that she’d be able to keep her stock levels high enough for every week – “I’m just about managing it!” says Alison following the runaway success that she enjoys each week at Kirkby Lonsdale market.

Alison specialises in handmade sewn products such as babywear, backpacks and makeup bags, gifts, decorations, and accessories. Following the government guidelines for COVID-19, Alison has recently turned her hand to making facemasks. These in particular are proving extremely popular and are fast becoming one of her best sellers! With sizes available for both adults and children in a range of designs, Alison is able to help keep the community safe with her eye-catching facemasks.

“I’ve worked with Geraud for many years at markets such as Prom Art, and if you hadn’t emailed me about joining the market at Kirkby Lonsdale then I probably wouldn’t have been brave enough to take on a weekly market. I’m so glad that you did though, as I love it and want to say a huge thank you to you! There is a great atmosphere among the traders and the customers are lovely, both locals and visitors”.

Kirkby Lonsdale Charter Market operates every Thursday from 9am until 3pm in the Market Square. Featuring a wide range of products from hot food and fruit and veg, to crafts and gifts there is something for everyone! For more information on the market, or to find out more about trading with us contact