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Gilchrist’s expand from one stall to five at Alnwick Market


Alan and Pat Gilchrist started selling fudge on a stall at Alnwick market over 30 years ago! As their business expanded they started attending festivals and events across Europe which unfortunately meant they had to give up their stall at Alnwick Market. The Gilchrist’s have worked with Geraud for many years at festivals and Christmas Markets across the country, and were delighted to join Alnwick Market again when Geraud took over. Although they intend to start doing festivals again this year, they don’t have any intention of leaving Alnwick Market this time.

“It is a great market now, and we are doing so well we intend to stay!”

Since returning to the Market, things have grown from strength to strength for the Gilchrist’s. Having started with just one stall back in June, the popularity of the market has given them confidence to take additional pitches. They now offer their full range of fudge and sweets, beers and a traditional swing grill across five stalls!

Alnwick Market is held every Thursday and Saturday, with a monthly Friday market on the last Friday of every month. Boasting up to 40 stalls per market, it’s a bustling hub with a variety of traders. If you would like to trade with us in Alnwick or any of our other markets or would like more information, contact us on or click here to view our dedicated Alnwick Market webpage.