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Benson’s Cafe Trader Story

Continued Success for Benson's Cafe

Bensons Café currently boasts 4 fantastic cafes, however the trademark that they are now known for started in our Market over 15 years ago.  What started out as a single site traditional style café now positions itself as a high end, multi-site eatery accessible to all budgets with a fantastic brand, reputation and the option for home delivery.

As a result of the huge success our market platform offered Bensons, three out of their four sites are now within Market Village.  Here at The Forge Market we are fortunate to have Bensons Café, and Little Benny’s the coffee house.  The company have invested heavily in their business and now sit as a linchpin within the market and community.

While the team at Bensons clearly are reaping the rewards for the years of hard work, dedication and commitment, there’s no doubt the market community played its part.

Here’s what Mitchell Gamble, owner at Bensons had to say:

“While our continued success is in no doubt down to the fantastic staff at Bensons and our loyal customer base, the market and their management team have been a great support.  Although essentially they are the landlord, there is a real sense of support and understanding from them on all business matters.  A real sense of togetherness and community spirit is a key feature of trading within a market”