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NMTF’s online guide to help you become a trader!

Spring into Markets

Spring Into Markets is NMTF‘s interactive guide that takes aspiring market traders through everything they need to know to become a successful trader. From starting a business to developing a existing one, their guide provides crucial insight. Here are some highlights to think about before starting your own independent business.

Starting up

What is the product you are selling? Who is it for? Do you require any funding, and if not how will you finance?

First Impressions / Customer Service

The look and feel of your stall is very important. Is your sign clear and noticeable? How will you display your products? How will you engage with your customers?


Is your product priced appropriately? Will you offer any deals? Many people don’t use cash as often now (as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic), so investing in devices that accept card payments may be something to consider.

Monitoring Performance

Which of your products are selling? Do you have any competitors? How will you monitor your profit and loss margins? It’s also important to have an understanding on how seasonal changes can impact consumer habits.

You can read NMTF’s full article here.

Become a trader!

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