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Managing post lockdown

How we'll be helping

While the UK has yet to present any detail on the processes surrounding the easing of the lockdown placed on the country and in particular our markets, the reality is that there will be a change in the way that we operate.

Geraud have identified three key issues that will need to be addressed to ensure staff, traders and public can enjoy the market while being confident that everyone is safe.

Prior to any of our markets opening, we have set up key procedures that are detailed below:

1. Traders and Staff Safety Packs.

Each trader and Geraud member of staff will be provided with a starter pack of PPE – personal protective equipment.
This will consist of 10 good quality face masks, one bottle of sanitizer and 10 pairs of plastic gloves.

In addition, we have negotiated a low cost if traders wish to put up a Perspex barrier between them and customers – please let us know if you want to purchase one.

We are producing leaflets for all traders, staff and customers, that will provide greater detail that is market specific.

2. Waste disposal

Geraud recognise the need for safer disposal of waste during this time.

Working with our recycling company, we will provide distinct waste bins for any used PPE, used tissues as well as our usual refuge collection. Currently we achieve 98% recycled waste, and plan to see this run to 100% once we are fully operational. (we also only use electricity from renewable sources with zero use of fossil fuels)

3. Social Distancing

Perhaps the biggest change to our shopping habits is the introduction of social distancing – and this practise is likely to stay with us for the foreseeable future or until a vaccine is developed.

Information and directional posters will be placed at every entrance.

We will be operating a clear journey through the market – with the flow of customers being one way.

Every customer journey will take them past every unit – traders and customers will have to show patience – there is no alternative or easy fix.

Floor signs will provide 2 metre spaces between customers, while other floor signs will show the correct route for customers to follow.

There will be sanitizer stations in key positions throughout the markets, including toilets, staff areas and on the market floor.

We may have to limit the number of customers that can be inside the market at any time. If this is required, we have bespoke solutions for each of our markets that will provide a sheltered space for queuing.

Geraud recognises that we are in unprecedented times and would ask all our traders to help support the operation of the market. If you feel that we are missing a process or item that would make the market and customers safer – please contact your local market manager via the customer service e mail address and they will review this.