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Kirkby Lonsdale Charter Market’s occupancy has doubled since coming onboard with Geraud!

Marketplace for all

History of the market

Kirkby Lonsdale may only be a small, rural market town, but its history goes a long way back. There’s been a settlement in Kirkby since Roman times, and the town gained its market charter in 1227. The market has had several locations over the years, however finally settled in the new marketplace that was created in the late 1800s. The market was thriving up until around 11 years ago when the town council announced it could no longer afford to run it. The locals knew how important the market was to the local community and formed the CIC to take over running the market. Then the pandemic hit, and the market was reduced to only a few essential stalls. Since then, Geraud has been called in to steer the market back to prosperity – which it did almost overnight, with Market occupancy doubled.

Colourful once again!

Kirkby Lonsdale Charter Market has doubled in occupancy and is colourful once again! The market combines a selection of well-known, longstanding traders with an influx of new stalls in the marketplace. Many of the new stalls specialise in arty, crafty and gift-related products, while the core food-stalls and other longstanding traders keep the market traditional.

Market occupancy doubled

Established stalls include Sarah Cutters’ fruit and veg, fishmonger Nathan Lusted and Karen Chaplin who sells plants and bulbs. New traders include an impressive mobile coffee unit, original photography and artwork, a pottery stall and Robert Parry who sells vintage military memorabilia.

Something for everyone

All in all, there is something for everyone here – with the traditional and new merging together to give locals and visitors exactly what they want. After a successful summer in 2020, despite all the pandemic uncertainty, the traders at Kirkby Lonsdale market are looking forward to expanding in the future with more footfall and more choice on the market.

We’re delighted that NMTF, who are the only national trade association for market and street traders, events retailers and mobile caterers in the UK, have featured our market in their October 2020 magazine! You can read the whole magazine here – the Kirkby Lonsdale Charter Market article on pages 14 – 17!