May 2017

I would like to thank you for the the market here in Katrineholm. We were very happy and satisfied with the result and all residents have appreciated this enormously. What fantastic weather we had and incredible food eaten.  Hope to see you again next year – we would love to welcome you back!

Ebba Eriksson

October 2015

Falun is ecstatic with this year’s food market . All actors in and around the Falun city center think it is a very good set up that gives the city centre new life. The stalls are high quality and people working with Franocis are very professional in all ways. Franocis is super to have and to deal with and handles all matters in a good way. Visitors to the food market and Falun behave like teenagers in love and it’s a great feeling to walk around between exhibitors and our regular traders on these days. The cooperation between us and the market is functioning well, we have very good media about it and we get new people into the city centre . We look forward to October 2016, when the market comes back. The 2015 Food market is one of Falun’s best events of the year.

Patricia Wallin Granhagen

June 2015

NABMA would like to acknowledge its sincere appreciation of the generous financial sponsorship received over a number of years from Groupe Geraud. This has enabled NABMA to grow significantly and also develop a number of important projects such as Love Your Local Market. NABMA looks forward to a continuation of the close working relationships and the further development of the partnership agreements.

National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA)

9th June 2015

Eskilstuna’s International Street Market was a huge success and a fantastic event. This was the first time that Eskilstuna’s new square, Fristadstorget, was used for an event of this capacity since it was rebuilt. The market really increased the footfall in the city centre and attracted more business to the area. The Geraud Markets Sweden Team, lead by François-Xavier Mauraisin, and the traders were very professional. We look forward to the International Street Market coming back to Eskilstuna.

Micke Lönngren, Event Manager, Destination Eskilstuna

16th December 2012

On behalf of the Stratford upon Avon Christmas Lights Company may I thank you for supporting us financially in your first Christmas as the new operator in Stratford upon Avon . We greatly appreciate your generous contribution to the lights and hope your stall holders benefited from the spectacle of the lights that attract regional and national visitors from all over the country. Your market operation in itself has already introduced a new dimension of quality and appearance attracting interest and custom from near and far. We wish you every success as you establish yourselves as a local and destination market in 2013.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr Roy Lodge, Stratford upon Avon Christmas Lights Company

June 2012

”Motala has just had the pleasure of Geraud’s International Street market in our City Centre for the first time. This was the EVENT OF THE YEAR. The market is increasing the visitors in town. The people and all the shops in town are very happy to have so many customers coming to the city. Geraud Market Scandinavia Ltd operate with professionalism.

We can recommend Groupe Geraud’s International Street Markets and I congratulate the cities that manage to get this to their city centres!

The inhabitants and visitors in Motala and myself are really looking forward to the next time they come to Motala.”

Marianne Lindh, City leader of Motala – Sweden

April 2012

“With this letter I would like to recommend the concept that Geraud Market Scandinavia Ltd. are responsible for. The excellent International Street Market that took place at the end of April was a great success for the city of Katrineholm. During three days all visitors have the possibility to take part in all countries’special trades and the arrangement was very professional! We are looking forward to get the concept back next year and recommend it with a warm heart!”

Harriet Nilsson, CEO, KFV Marknadsföring AB, Katrineholm -Sweden

August 2011

“Gothenburg Culture Festival would like to thank François-Xavier Mauraisin and his team at Géraud International Street Market for another fantastic event during this year’s Göteborgs Kulturkalas. The market on Gustav Adolfs Torg proved once again spectacularly popular, bringing even more people to the square than last year, residents and tourists alike.

The wide variety of quality food on offer, combined with the many other interesting hand-crafted goods have already made the market an essential fixture in our programme during the Culture Festival. The market’s professional and friendly personnel deliver a real international experience wherever they go. Their focus on cleanliness and attention to detail makes the working relationship with ourselves an easy one.

We very much look forward to welcoming International Street Market back to Gothenburg for future events.”

Karin Olofsson, Göteborgs Kulturkalas


We hereby verify that Geraud Markets has arranged three international street markets and two Christmas markets of good quality in the city centre of Stockholm.

Geraud Markets and their representatives have been excellent partners to our organisation, City in Partnership of Stockholm when setting up the markets. They have cooperated with all partners in the city in a very good way and have always done their best to fulfil all the demands from us.

The traders have provided good food and nice craft to reasonable prices. They have also shown a nice behaviour to all our staff and the customers at the market.

We strongly recommend Geraud Markets as a partner of international street markets and Christmas markets.

 Per Eriksson, Managing Director, City i Samverkan, Stockholm


Linköping City has just had the pleasure of Groupe Geraud’s International Street Market in our City Centre for the the third time. Under the skilled guidance and coaching of Francois-Xavier Maurasin it was again a fantastic event with 30 European top quality traders from 11 countries.

To see the great relations between the professional and friendly staff, and the customers really warms an old city leader’s heart.

The market is increasing the number of people in the City Centre throughout the event in an amazing way, and all the shops in the town are happy to have the many (and new) customers invading the city.

I can sincerely recommend the Geraud International Street Market) and I congratulate the cities that manage to get this “EVENT OF THE YEAR” to their City Centres!

The inhabitants of and visitors to Linköping and myself are really longing for the next Geraud Market in August!

 Pälle Strångert, Cityleader of Linköping, Sweden


The Municipality of Copenhagen hereby confirms that we accommodated Geraud Markets in Central Squares in Copenhagen several times during the last few years. Every time we have worked with Geraud Markets we have had co-operation and the contacts have always respected the guidelines and restrictions given by the municipality. We have received a lot of positive feedback from the citizens as well as visitors and tourists. They think – as we do – that the products are of a high quality and that the market has a large product range.

Bettina Kajander, Copenhagen City Council 


“Helsingborg city in South of Sweden has cooperated with Francois-Xavier Mauraisin and the Geraud Group during 2009. The International Street Market has visited Helsingborg twice during the summer and exposed their goods in an attractive way in our main square. The market goods are of high quality and have created a lot of interest among the citizens of Helsingborg. Cooperation with the market management has been easy and efficient.

I can very much recommend The international Street Market to any city wanting to develop their attraction for a broad audience.”

Birgitta Freudenthal, Project manager, Helsingborgs stad 


“Can I just place on record my thanks for your consistent delivery of a high quality, colourful, vibrant and authentic continental food market twice a year in the centre of Durham City.

Operating in an historic City Centre as we know brings with it its own complications but I have to say you and your team have been excellent at dealing with all the issues which have presented themselves over the 5 years we have been dealing with you.

The Continental Food Market supplements the Saturday outdoor market, as well as the other City Centre shops, perfectly well and we have consistently seen increases in footfall across the city over the four days in which you are in town.

We look forward to making you welcome once again this year.”

Colin Wilkes, Durham City Markets 


“Our experience of Geraud International Street Markets is that they provide a high level of professionality when establishing quality Street Markets. With enthusiasm and personal involvement Geraud representatives always do their best to fulfill our high expectations.”

Marcus Odelstig, Malmo City


“Aberdeen International Market, is recognised as one of the largest continental markets in the UK, at around 450mof stalls’ quotes Tom Moore, City Centre Manager in Aberdeen. ‘Despite running now for four years, we never cease to be amazed at its continuing and increasing appeal. It just seems to grow and grow. Overcoming the physical difficulties that arise from its unique location could only be achieved through the very close partnership that exists between Geraud UK and Aberdeen City Council. We also hope to be working closely with Geraud on other such attractions as well as a strategy for the future development of our general street market and indoor market’.

Tom Moore, City Centre Manager, Aberdeen City Council 


“Glasgow has been pleased to welcome Continental Markets arranged by Geraud Markets for 5 years now.  They bring a wide variety of colourful stalls and characters 3 times per year.  We hold the markets in St Enoch Sq which is in the heart of the city centre.  Local businesses look forward to the market’s arrival as they know the extra footfall coming into the area means more customers for them.  The market is held outside the St Enoch Centre, one of the city’s largest and busiest shopping malls.  The centre supports the markets by putting details on its website and in its publications.  They always report an increase if footfall when we have the market.”

Robert Dawson, City Centre Manager, Glasgow City Council


On behalf of the Bridgend Festivals, I would like to thank you and your team for all the hard work they put into the Continental Market on the 20th – 22nd of April. We appreciated the true Continental Market with genuine traders all selling quality products. Your market manager did a great job, before in the way he positioned the stalls, during in that he was on site throughout the event and made sure everything ran smoothly and afterward in that he made sure everything was clean and tidy before he left. I have received several compliments during the event and expect to receive more at our town centre meeting which will be held on Tuesday. Please pass on my thanks to all the members of your staff who were involved in the organisation and running of this event and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Barry King, Bridgend Festivals, Bridgend


“We have been working with Geraud Markets since 2004 and they have proven to be a good partner.  They have a conscientious, customer-focused approach, which shows in the high quality of the events they deliver on our behalf.  We are now looking at developing new initiatives with Geraud Markets, which build on our earlier successes.”

Jim Breen, Town Centre Manager, Southport Business Enterprise

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