Sustainability & Environmental Policy Statement

We are aware that our operations can have an impact on the environment. We have therefore undertaken a review of sustainability and environmental issues that affect our business and the findings of the review have been made publicly available and can be found on our website here.

Geraud (UK) Ltd and its subsidiaries (the “Company”) are fully committed to meeting our sustainability and environmental responsibilities, including those highlighted in this review. In summary, we are committed to:-

Increasing the positive environmental impact and seeking to reduce the negative environmental impact of our operations wherever possible.

Complying with legislative and ethical standards concerning care of the environment and employment matters.

Defining the methods for identification, control and disposal of products that have special handling and waste treatment needs.

Sourcing and supplying products with low environmental impact wherever possible. Continual environmental improvement in respect of the products we use, our internal use of resources and prevention of pollution.

Supporting our employees and the communities they work in.

Our review of sustainability and environmental issues highlights actions that we have taken and will take in the areas of transport, property, waste, supply chain, products, employees and community. We will review our progress on sustainability and environmental issues on a regular basis.

Enquiries about any aspect of our sustainability and environmental policies should be referred to any manager who will ensure that your enquiry receives a suitable response.

Download original signed and dated document here.