Sustainability and Environmental Review


Geraud (UK) Ltd and its subsidiaries (the Company”) are part of a fourth-generation family owned company with an unrivalled reputation in the marketplace and with a unique culture that empowers local teams throughout the United Kingdom to invest and trade in their local communities. We believe that acting responsibly is a core part of our success.

We are fully committed to meeting our corporate responsibilities. We continually review the sustainability and environmental issues that affect our business.

This review covers six key areas:

1. Transport

2. Property

3. Waste

4. Partners

5. Employees

6. Community


The following report sets out the progress we are making in each of these key areas and the plans we have in place for the future.



In order to reduce the environmental impact of our fleet of vehicles we have substantially reduced the size of the fleet and replaced them on a regular basis to ensure they operate to the latest emissions specifications.

When due for replacement, our commercial delivery vehicles will be fitted with “stop / start” technology and will comply with Euro 5 emission standards. All delivery vehicles nationwide are compliant with the London Low Emission Zone requirements.

We have added “hybrid” electric/diesel cars to our company car list and these are proving popular with employees.

Employees are encouraged to select more energy efficient vehicles when choosing a company car. We prominently display emissions data within the company car literature provided to employees and monitor their car choices by emissions band.

Employees are issued with a company car driver’s handbook and are expected to drive safely, responsibly and efficiently.

We encourage employees to use public transport where possible and it is common for long distance journeys to be made by train. We have also recently invested in technology to enable phone and video conferencing between our sites to reduce the environmental impact of travel.


2. Property

To reduce the carbon footprint of our property portfolio we strive to innovate and adopt new energy efficient technologies when carrying out refurbishment or capital investment projects.

We have recently replaced internal illumination in a number of our internal markets with LED luminaires. LED lighting technology is our adopted standard on all new buildings. We have implemented demand reduction analysis and positive reinforcement of energy consumption by means of regular “Switch It Off!” campaigns to achieve demand reduction.

We are currently evaluating the installation of solar photo-voltaic (PV) energy generation systems at many of our locations throughout the United Kingdom, including at some of our biggest operating sites.

We are undertaking feasibility studies into alternative sources of energy such as Combined Heat & Power plants. We have identified this as an opportunity to utilise trade waste from our market operations, reducing the reliance on fossil fuel and reducing the quantity of waste which would otherwise find its way to landfill. These initiatives will further reduce our effect on the environment both in terms of energy saving and the visual impact of energy generation.

Our principal electricity supplier, SSE, generates approximately 30% of their electricity from renewable sources.


3. Waste

We produce trade waste at all of our operational sites. Where we hold responsibility for removal of trade waste, we engage the services of licenced trade waste carriers. Our contract with them requires that the waste is segregated and sorted, ensuring that recycling is maximised and disposal to landfill is minimised. We anticipate that the adoption of CHP plats will massively improve the position in each category.

The Company is aware of the environmental cost of internal and external communications and to this end has invested considerably in the development and operation of intra net, electronic document and email facilities with the consequent reduction in use of paper and carbon fuels. The Company has invested in new accounting systems and has adopted the use of electronic customer invoices.

The majority of paper products used within the business are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council
(FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified suppliers.


4. Partners

We develop long term close working relationships with our partners, many of whom we have traded with for decades.

Our preferred partner policy focuses mainly on quality products with consistently high standards similar to our own. By the nature of our business we offer our customers internationally sourced products from our partners. We understand that sourcing product from suppliers outside the UK unavoidably increases carbon miles. We are therefore exploring the possibility of introducing an integrated transportation service to allow our partners to pool transportation costs and reduce the environmental impact of bringing their products to our markets.

We review key partner environmental, sustainability and ethical policies and follow up with them any concerns we may have. This forms part of our preferred partner selection criteria and we will continue to monitor this on an ongoing basis.

Geraud (UK) Ltd is part of the French based Geraud SA a financially sound company which believes that paying suppliers to agreed terms is fundamental to building close working relationships with them.


5. Employees

We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and are trained to meet our requirements of efficiency and service to customers and suppliers. We employ approximately eighty five colleagues throughout the UK and Scandinavia.

Our operations are based in the United Kingdom with trading in Sweden and Denmark and we comply with employment legislation within these jurisdictions. We invest in our people through training and awards and provide a Company pension scheme.

Induction training sets the foundation for all employees and is followed by specific on the job training. The Company’s operational best and required practices are documented in comprehensive Standard Practice Instructions and the local operating systems are supported by integrated training facilities. Commercial training, for example sales and inventory control, is provided locally. External training providers are engaged for specific subjects including leadership, management and sales development. Managers undertake performance reviews with their staff and identify with them areas for development. Training courses are also provided for newly appointed managers and a personal development course takes place each year for all employees.

The Company supports vocational and industry knowledge training provided by our industry partner NABMA.

All employees are issued with a handbook of employment which sets out the Company employment policies. The Company is an equal opportunities employer and follows family friendly employment policies.

The Company is committed to conduct its affairs in an honest, open and fair manner and to comply with the law.

The Company regards the promotion of health, safety and welfare measures as a mutual objective for the Company and all of its employees.

The Company is committed to promoting a positive and informed health and safety culture and to do all that is reasonable to prevent injury and hazards to health by protecting people, including members of the public, from foreseeable hazards, whenever they come into contact with the Company or its products. The Company’s Health and Safety policy and procedures are constantly reviewed and updated and published annually.


6. Community

Employees are encouraged to support their local communities and charitable causes and the Company provides financial support to assist them in doing this.


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